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Sarah offers inspiring, practical advice for how artists can create their own opportunities by lookig outside the beaten path. Drawing on her research in alternative venue performance and years of experience in event production, Sarah teaches musicians how to kick-start their careers using the tools they have now. She also helps established organizations broaden their reach to a younger, more diverse audience using the lessons she learned through years of producing and performing events in clubs and other casual spaces.

Check out the speech that earned a standing ovation at the 21CMPosium Conference on the future of Classical Music:

How I Stopped Asking Permission to Have a Career in Music


}Workshop and Speech Topics

          Making a DIY Start to Your Career - Basics of concert production, marketing, and ensemble

                    or organization management

          Clubbing for Classical Musicians - How to design, book, market, and fund¬†alternative venue


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Upcoming Engagements

Colorado Mesa University - September 20-21, 2017

University of Michigan - September 26, 2017

Hope College - September 28, 2017

Lawrence University, Wisconsin - October 2, 2017

College of William and Mary - November 7, 2017

Catholic University of America - November 8, 2017

University of Maryland, College Park - November 9, 2017

Shenandoah University - November 10, 2017

Curtis Institute of Music - November 11, 2017

Temple University - November 13, 2017

Recent Engagements

Los Angeles Community College - September, 2017

California State Fullerton School of Music Awards Convocation - May, 2017

21CMPosium at DePauw University - September, 2016